At Home in the Cassia

Shower of Gold flowers

All that's left of our Shower of Gold cassia tree are flowers on the driveway.

The long-awaited rainy season arrived with a bang on our hill. A huge forest tree toppled over, taking with it our beautiful shower-of-gold cassia, still dripping with bright yellow flowers. Since the beginning of June we’ve been officially in the hurricane season, but we’d just had a few unimpressive showers in the past month, leading many to speculate that we might be in for a drought this year. But last Thursday it began to rain, and by nighttime the wind was blustering. When I was going to bed, I heard a loud crack and thought it might have come from the empty lot at the front of our yard, that a tree there may have snapped. When the kids arrived home a couple hours later they phoned to ask whether I knew there was a tree lying across the driveway? They moved some branches out of the way but had to park the car lower down, for it was still raining and slippery. Today begins the task of sawing the logs and moving them out of the way.

It seems we have some sort of problem, as three trees have died suddenly, including our cherished avocado tree laden with young fruit and a majestic immortelle. We have a back-up avocado and another immortelle, but we’ll really miss our Shower of Gold.


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