If you’re homophobic, check this before you shout “Fyah bun…”

I recently read a summary of findings of a US study on homophobic reactions that I found very interesting. It was part of a larger study carried out by the Psychology Department of the University of Georgia, Athens, published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology in August 1996. That’s a long time ago, but clearly the homophobes of the world haven’t yet got the message. The question asked by authors H. E. Adams, L. W. Wright Jnr. and B. A. Lohr was “Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal?” Researchers provided subjects with porn material featuring hetero, lesbian and male homosexual sex. The subjects were straight males: either self-professed homophobic men, or men who didn’t consider themselves homophobic. The study also measured levels of aggression. While all the men were found to have a similar level of aggression, and to be aroused by hetero and lesbian sex, the study showed homophobic men were the only ones whose penile circumference grew when they watched men having sex with men. Pretty cool, eh? So this one’s for the homophobic guys: either you don’t know it, or can’t admit it, but gay sex turns you on … and just maybe you’ll think twice next time you get the urge to down-cry your gay brothers.


7 responses to “If you’re homophobic, check this before you shout “Fyah bun…”

  1. Ha! Amazing, though maybe not entirely surprising, given the proverbial fine line between love and hate. 🙂

  2. It figures. Whatever we hate or fear most within ourselves, we are most likely to attack in the world around us. I wish some of Jamaica’s minstrels would take note

  3. Scandalous study Skye! Some of the boys, and I daresay some of the girls we know, won’t be amused by the findings.

    Keep posting

  4. I hope our mutual friend reads this ….. it may ( and I stress may) make him think twice. Interesting study though

  5. lol… i love it…

    i always suspected that my stridently homophobic “friends” had a secret desire for man flesh…

    i wonder how relevant a study like this is to the caribbean reality though – you know, with the culturally inherited machismo and all that… hmmm…

  6. i do believe this one , i know plenty of guys who i suspect this one rings true for

  7. I really enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep up posting such interesting stuff.

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