Journalism 2.0 … multimedia stories

Our final assignment in the Journalism 2.0 course: Find 3 great multimedia packages and post to your blog about them. Describe what makes them effective and provide screenshots and links. Add a link to your blog post and upload it.

Cuban Revolution:

Opening photo and beginning of slide show on the 1959 Revolution

This is an interactive story, laid out newspaper-like and not as a package that’s navigable from one part to the other. However, I think it’s successful as a multimedia project because there’s a wealth of information in various formats, and all the components complement one another, with hardly any overlap. It was put together when Raul Castro was formally designated Cuban President in February this year. There’s a brief history of the Cuban Revolution and brother Fidel Castro’s role, and his presidency, timelines, audio, video, archive material, lots of great photos. Everything you wanted to know about the Cuban Revolution and even some stuff you didn’t.

Charlton Heston 1924-2008

• Charlton Heston wasn’t one of my favourites, but I thought the slide show and article commemorating his life was done well, and with judicious use of photographs and text. Very simple, with photos that told the story of his life, from his roles as Ben Hur and Moses, to his more recent role as champion of the gun lobby. I particularly liked the photo of him together with Harry Belafonte, James Baldwin and Marlon Brando in front of the Lincoln Memorial, in August 1963, for the Walk on Washington. (Is he looking a tich uncomfortable?)

The Joy Fit Club

At first this did not look like a particularly attractive package to me (too much colour and busy-ness for my taste), but the sheer amount of information on weight-loss and issues around the topic, and “true-life” videos on women’s stories, make it interesting as a multi-media story.


3 responses to “Journalism 2.0 … multimedia stories

  1. Now that your coursework is complete I’d care to see u blog about ur exploits in TT art scene, and any other currents u drift into from month to month that keep u creating, charged and engaged. Like you, I feel this blog thing demands too much personal exposure for it to sustain the interest of most out there, hence I haven’t joined the bandwagon, yet. I agree with ur take on the Cuban Revolution presentation.

  2. “Now that your coursework is complete I’d care to see u blog about ur exploits in TT art scene, and any other currents u drift into from month to month that keep u creating, charged and engaged.”

    Hello Skye,

    I agree with this comment.

    You have the technology part worked out, and your photography and writing style are fine.

    I also agree with this person when he comments that a blog might involve a lot of personal exposure. That thought kept me from blogging for a long time. However the discretion we use in normal conversation should be enough to maintain one’s privacy.


  3. skyehernandez

    Thanks for your thoughts, Louis.

    I’m figuring out the technology part as I go along. I spent ages last week trying everything to add to my blogroll before I remembered. That shows I need to do this more regularly. I’m very much enjoying the photography, which is something I’ve always loved, but finally have a decent camera of my own. As you’ll realise, I haven’t found my ‘voice’ for this blog as yet. I could do a separate one for gardening/environment, but I don’t want to spend too much time blogging, and having two blogs just wouldn’t work. So for now anyway, it’s this and that of my life and musings. And I agree about what’s necessary to keep some measure of privacy in this medium.

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