Note on my new header

The photo on the blog’s header is a slice of the rain forest floor, taken during a hike in the Iwokrama area of central Guyana in December. I’ll probably take some time before I settle on the definitive photo, but this is the one for now.


7 responses to “Note on my new header

  1. great headliner nice to know u were in Guyana. Well Essequibo is in Region 2 hence the photo on my blog its the largest river here, has some 365 islands on Guyana, one said to be as big as Barbados and there are numerous waterfalls, wild life and history. U can actually find old Dutch Forts there.

  2. Glad you like it, Nazima. I went to Guyana for the first time in December and I absolutely loved the place—even rundown GT was beautiful to me—and the people were the most hospitable I’ve met. I wrote a short piece on my trip to Iwokrama for Caribbean Beat, so hope you can catch it when it comes out in the May/June issue. I hope to go back there soon, even though current events are so worrying.

  3. I like the photo too
    I think its speaks volumes

    It speaks perhaps to beauty soiled
    Crumpled petals on a forest floor

    It speaks perhaps to unspoken promise
    Flowers falling leave behind fruit, and future

    It speaks perhaps to time passing
    The glow of youth dimmed by premonitions of the withered age to come

    Looking forward to other photos


  4. indranie deolall

    Hi Skye, Had previously glanced at your blog, and thought the picture looked Guyanese! Now I am sure, it makes me more homesick for the interior than before! I have not been home in six years,and have always wanted to
    visit Iwokrama, so you are really lucky.
    Reading Naz’s note made me chuckle because I have been trying for years now to explain to my two Bajan-born kids the power and majesty of the Essequibo.I love nature, the environment, art, books and history as well!

  5. I’m really thrilled at how much feedback I’ve received on this photo. I’ve only recently got a good camera, so I’ve been experimenting a bit, and your comments give me encouragement. Indranie, I have some more pics of Guyana and I’ll let you all know when I’ve put them up on my new Flickr account. It’s good to meet you all in cyberspace. Happy to keep up the Caribbean connections.

  6. If you have an email address for Indranie Deolall, kindly forward mine to her. Hopefully, she is the talented young lady I taught at the St. Rose’s High School in Guyana.
    Roy Brummell

  7. Mr Brummell, sir, I am one of your former students from the Bishops’ High School – You taught us literature in 4th form – 1987/8 I think, and you arranged for some of us to act in the Link Show at that time.

    I would very much like to keep in touch. (Please forward my email).

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