Journalism 2.0 course … blogs

I have not explored very many blogs, but here are three that I like:

Nicholas Laughlin’s blog etc.


Nicholas’s blog is passionate and packed full of information, intelligently written, and has links to many other useful Caribbean blogs and literary sites. The layout is clean and easy to navigate, therefore I’m not overwhelmed by the amount of information he presents.

Chez Pim


Great blog for a foodie like me. The author, Pim Techamuanvivit, has a wonderful sense of humour and her recipes make my mouth water just looking at them. Her recipes are thorough, and even though some are complicated, she takes time to explain everything. Beautifully presented, chatty and with links to other good cooking sites.

The Sartorialist


I’m hopeless at fashion, so I’m fascinated by the people Scott Schuman photographs on the street in New York and Milan and other places, most recently in New Delhi. This site is the essence of simplicity. Schuman, who apparently has years of work in the rag trade under his belt, presents photos of people whose style he thinks is interesting, and people comment on the looks. He comments as well, as in a recent post where everyone thought the look was dreadful and he disagreed. He has an impeccable eye, and maybe I can learn something from him on this visually exciting blog.


2 responses to “Journalism 2.0 course … blogs

  1. I love the picture Skye.

    Your 3 blog faves sound really good!!

    I might add them to my list. 🙂

  2. Could you Hyperlink each blog please?

    I tried googling the cooking one but not much luck.

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