Holi Easter

It’s Good Friday, the quietest day of the year in these parts. It’s when Christians commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, and here on the hill, it began early with the sound of the priest and parishioners of the Roman Catholic church down the road solemnly setting off to make the Stations of the Cross … re-enacting Christ’s last steps before His Crucifixion. I must have lapsed back into sleep because I didn’t hear them coming back, though I don’t really know whether they go back to the church or not. Except for the birds, there hasn’t been so much as a sound for most of the day, as Good Friday is supposed to be sorrowful. But Easter will soon be here, symbolising the Resurrection … rebirth and new beginnings. So it’s quite lovely and fitting that this year, Easter and the Hindu festival of Phagwa (or Holi) fall on the same weekend. Phagwa is a spring festival, a deliciously joyous celebration where everyone, young and old, gets soaked with abir (coloured powder, usually mixed with water and sprayed on other giggling people from plastic bottles). I won’t be able to hear the music or shrieks of delight from here though, so we’ll take a drive to central Trinidad tomorrow or Sunday. Happy Easter Happy Holi!


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